Asian Perspectives on Stroke

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1 in 4 adults will have a stroke, but being active can help decrease your risk. (from Ministry of Health an Welfare of Taiwan)

First, control the ‘3’ high: if you find that there is hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia problems, you should follow the doctor’s instructions and regular follow-up, actively do a good job in blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol control, absolutely can not arbitrarily stop the drug or increase or decrease the dose of medication.

Second, remember ‘3’ no: remember not to eat salty and oily food, do not smoke, do not drink excessively, stroke is closely related to living habits, do not neglect. If you have any problems with smoking cessation, you can call the NHC’s free smoking cessation consultation hotline at 0800-636363 for assistance.

Third, to protect the ‘3’ should: maintain regular measurement of blood pressure, moderate regular exercise (at least 30 minutes of exercise a day) and make good use of the National Health Department to provide preventive health care services for Chinese adults over the age of 40, which can not only keep people away from the threat of stroke, but also eliminate other chronic diseases.

In addition, Dr. Chen Long of Shuanghe Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare called for remembering the FAST stroke tip “face crooked hands hanging big tongue, write down the time to send to the hospital” to reduce the risk of disability and death.

  1. 1. Is your elder or yourself a stroke sufferer? According to statistics, many people in Taiwan died of their first stroke because they were too late to give first aid, and many of the remaining survivors became a major financial and psychological burden on their families. Doctors and the media have said to be careful of the three highs, people who do not pay attention will naturally look at the arrangements of the heavens, another type of more concerned, some think that to be all three high or more high, they will become an unfortunate group, in fact, for most people, a high enough is enough to let you enter the hospital. Since each person’s physique is different, the conditions for excessive height are also different.
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