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In light of early detection and risk assessment are crucial components of healthcare, we set out to develop the software system “iCare Renal”, in order to benefit both patients and healthcare institutions in wellness and medical cost reductions all the way to government medical budgets.

We hope to achieve our goals in the following, timely intervention, preventative measures, cost savings for patients, reduced burden on healthcare systems, improved health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, data-driven decision making, patient empowerment, public health impact.

In this system, what we’d like to achieve are the following, so that we can address most if not all the issues in the existing environments.

      1. How patient is doing? His own hist data, and big data

      1. When will he become worst? His own n big data

      1. Same as care providers and surgeons, so patients can have choice, and providers will be more aware and attentive

      1. What and how do we do to improve?

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