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Detect Cardiovascular Stenosis Early

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Simple and Easy for Patients to Use

Detects stenosis / thrombosis before it happens on AV shunt and carotid artery Focused on developing non-invasive, seconds-taking “AV shunt stenosis detection system” (AWS) with currently over 85% accuracy.

Power on

When you lift the device. (G-sensor)

Connecting cell phone

Through Bluetooth 5.0


Recorded & transmitted to cloud engine. (12~15 seconds)

Fast stenosis prediction

Less than 5 seconds to get the outcome.

Providing API with to Care Provider’s System As A Helpful Monitoring Feature

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The patients take measurements and get the color code showing the level of stenosis in a matter of seconds, concerned caretakers can immediately take necessary interventions.
abovecara product easy to operate

Non-invasive, Portable, Easy to operate

abovecara product led status

3 LED’s to show status

abovecara product thrombosis check

Thrombosis check before poking IV’s

abovecara product various chartl

Provides various charts and graphs for care provider to make better diagnosis

abovecara product care providers

Connected with care providers

abovecara product One touch does it all

One-touch does it all


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There are significant financial benefits not only to the patients but payors as well by reducing tremendous medical bills.


  • Avoid the possible unnecessary surgeries and hospital readmissions
  • Peace of mind
  • Needy item for home HD


  • Fewer surgery surprises result from untimely incidence.
  • More helpful data for diagnostics


  • Hundreds of millions can be saved if unexpected surgeries can be avoided and treated in time.
  • Help design a continuously improving health plan with more patient data
    Our profit-sharing partnership can significantly reduce the thrombosis onsets, therefore offsets the cost to a simpler stent, bypass or ballooning procedures
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