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Fundamental, Reliable And Time-Proven Fluid Dynamics

But Also Leverages Other State Of The Art Technologies

  • Extract one of the sound qualities, which has little or no effect on location where it is picked up and obviously stands out from the abnormal signals
  • From the vibration to generate acoustic sound, the same as the blood pressure monitor used by millions of people, the only difference is, blood pressure monitor is focused on amplitude while Flow-Ez seeks frequency abnormality.
  • AI/ML to cluster alike signals into classification groups, formulate the classification algorithms to detect the “Unlike” signals

Slick Design & Friendly Phone App User Interface

– Analyzes blood stream into digital signals
– Turns sensed signals into machine learning processible language

– Zero-button operation, all the way
– Non-invasive, portable device measured 3x4cm

– Portable and performance-driven Python
– Most efficient algorithms and models

-Less than 5 seconds to predict the outcome
-Can be used for high risk patient before poking needles

-Charts and graphs for care provider to make faster and better diagnostics
-Audio recording available for telehealth
-Stenosis progression trend

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Augmenting to Existing Treatments

Angiography, Recirculation and Ultrasound – golden standard, but
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