Catches the Clots Before It Clots

Detects Serious Stenosis Before It Happens


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A non-invasive, Affordable Approach to Health Care

Seconds-taking “stenosis detection system”, for both hemodialysis and stroke patients, to help them monitor serious stenosis in time.

AI/ML methodology boosts further accuracy with continuously growing use of data

The more it gets used, the more it becomes intelligent, thus more accurate.
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Our Solutions

Flow-Ez is to satisfy the unmet needs in cardiovascular treatments.
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Hemodialysis can be fatal if ignoring early stenosis signals, Flow-Ez alerts 85% stenosis before it happens on AV shunt.

Carotid artery

Unseen cardiovascular threats like stroke are often unexpected, Flow-Ez alerts stenosis in time.


What is Flow-Ez

We use the traditional technology, same as blood pressure monitor, except it is a comprehensive blood pressure monitor, augmenting it, ours is a localized one,

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