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About the Company

Founded in San Jose, California, 2017

Designs and Manufactures Innovative AI/ML Cloud-based, Patented High-Sensitivity Stenosis Monitoring Device Designed for Stroke and Dialysis

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Hemodialysis can be fatal if ignoring early stenosis signals -The average incidence of stenosis is 40% annually, while thrombosis can be 20%, the issue is not IF my shunt will fail, it is rather WHEN.

Stroke kills about 140,000 Americans each year CDC (1/31/2020), every year more than 795,000 people in the US have a stroke. About 610,000 of these are first or new strokes.

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Even though the fatalities are so high and unexpected, most of the patients are lacking either sufficient medical care or tools to help them to prevent, often too late to be discovered.

Flow-Ez is an easy to use portable device to monitor/detect patient’s stenosis level, and can be used daily so that the patient and care providers are on top of the conditions.

Blood pressure monitor “companion” – If the blood pressure monitor shows high readings, one can use Flow-Ez to measure the carotid arteries on both necks, move up and down to examine if it shows possible stenosis.

Our Mission

Above Care is dedicated to addressing the medical unmet needs for hemodialysis, carotid artery and potentially various cardiovascular diseases. We are hoping to minimize the patient’s medical risk and ailment while improving their wellness.

The Product

Possibly the only solution for on-hemodialysis and potentially stroke-prone patients.


Design the symptom-specific sensing device.
Employ AI and cloud technology to achieve over 85% stenosis prediction accuracy.


We develop AI-powered systems specialized in early detection of stenosis, non-invasive, portable, easy-to-use buttonless design.

Patent Information

Detection System, Detection Method And Sensing Device For Detecting Stenosis Of Carotid Artery
(Pub No 17/719,397 on Dec. 2023)

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