An Innovative Way To Monitor The HD Risk, Admitted Records

The iCare Renal

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Always Stay Informed

Staying Informed Is Key In The Evolving Landscape Of Healthcare. #Cognito, Offered Exclusively By #MEDILOGIX, Provides A Significant Advancement In Patient Monitoring. This Innovative Tool Utilizes Predictive Analytics To Enhance Patient Care, Focusing On Proactive Rather Than Reactive Solutions.


With Vigilant Monitoring & Charts

For Most Dialysis Physician, He/She Will Appreciate The Unique Features Designed Specifically To Enhance Patient Care And Streamline Your Practice. Here Are Some Compelling Marketing Points To Highlight:

Easy-To-Use App For Unforeseen Situations

Our App Simplifies Patient Monitoring, Allowing You To Stay Informed About Unexpected Developments Effortlessly.

Comprehensive Patient Oversight

Monitor The Performance Of All Your Patients Seamlessly Within A Single Platform. 

Efficient Surgeon Search

Quickly Find Relevant Surgeons Based On Specific Keywords, Streamlining Collaboration.

Providing API with to Care Provider’s System As A Helpful Monitoring Feature

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