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Most frequent questions and answers

Before You Buy


·      Most newer models of iPhone (TBD), and Android phones.

Is Flow-EZ available in my language?

·      It will be defaulted to and compatible with your OS language setup in your phone.

Which Flow-EZ products are available in my Country?

What communications are required to setup Flow-EZ?

·      Flow-EZ does not require cellular service. A phone that only has Wi-Fi will work fine.

However, connectivity of Bluetooth 5 is required to create an account. 


  • Is this product on the market?
    • Yes, it’s just that the delivery time is two to three months, so we offer a half-price discount.
  • Is this a medical product?
    • Currently it is still a digital health device, we will apply for domestic and foreign medical certification, such as FDA.
  • Who is suitable for it?
    • It is mainly used by two types of people, one is patients with kidney dialysis, and the other is patients who have had or will have a stroke and have carotid artery stenosis.
  • Do I need a doctor’s order?
    • Because the operation is simple, there is no need for a doctor’s instructions, but once there is a stenosis display, please notify your doctor immediately.
  • Can it be used at home? How many times a day should be measured?
    • Yes, it can be used at home and can be used anywhere. We recommend measuring once or twice a day.
  • How accurate is it?
    • According to our clinical test, the accuracy is 85%.
  • If it is too high, should I go to the doctor?
    • Stenosis too high
  • Is it waterproof?
    • So the unit should not soaked in the water or under heavy rain.
  • There is no power button, how do I turn it on and off?
    • The device is built with a G-sensor, therefore the power is turned on automatically if it is moved, and off if placed on the flat surface for about 10 seconds.
  • What does it measure?
    • The result shows whether you might have a low chance of excessive stenosis, or very likely to be stenotic.
  • How often should I measure?
    • We suggest at least once per day
  • What is the meaning of “possible stenotic”?
    • Meaning you might have a high chance of serious stenosis
  • What is the meaning of “Normal”?
    • Meaning you might have a low chance of serious stenosis
  • Does it employ Artificial Technology?
    • We leverage the big dataset of dialysis to analyze the likelihood of stenosis condition

Your Personal Data

Is my personal information safe?

  • Most of your personal data resides in your cellphone, only the data needed for analysis is uploaded to the secured cloud platform, where no personal info is transmitted.

Where is my personal information kept or stored?

  • Currently in the Amazon Cloud storage

How to Setup My Cellphone

Firstly, download the Flow-EZ app?

  • Open your App Store or Google play store and search for “Flow-EZ”, and tap to download it for free.
  • You can use this link to go the Flow-EZ app directly:
  • Flow-EZ on the Apple App Store
  • Flow-EZ on the Google Play Store

Can I download the Flow-EZ app onto my Apple iPad, Mac or Watch?

  • We don’t support those devices currently

User Manuals

  • English (pdf)
  • Chinese (Traditional) (pdf)

Setting up your Flow-EZ (video)

How to Order

How can I place the order?

  • Leave the order form on site to fill out the order form, or pre-order on our website.

Do you accept credit cards?

  • We accept all kinds of credit cards, PayPal, etc.

What payment options are available?

  • For US users, the Flow-EZ devices can be purchased securely online at using:
  • Major Credit Cards (Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Other country payment types will vary.

Can I cancel my order?

  • Yes, you can.
  • Please email support@above-care.comby 6:00pm Pacific Time on the day you place your order. Be sure to include your order number. Orders that have already been processed or shipped cannot be cancelled.

Is Flow-EZ for Sale in my Country?

  • Currently in USA and Taiwan.

What is its warranty period?

  • It is one month under normal usage.

Creating An Account

Setting up your Flow-EZ account

  • Please refer to user manual

How do I create an account? (Please refer to user manual)

  • To create a new account you must download and install a Flow-EZ app to a compatible phone.
  • When you launch the App you will be given the option to “Create Account”. Follow the onscreen directions, providing required information as you. When complete, you will be in the app where you can choose to record your first signal with your Flow-EZ device.

Do I have to create a Flow-EZ account?

  • Yes, a personal account is required. You will need to create a Flow-EZ account from the Flow-EZ app to use the Flow-EZ product.

Your First Flow-EZ

How do I take my first Flow-EZ?

  • After your account setup is complete, when you want to record your first signal.
  • For the Flow-EZ, open the phone app, place the device lightly and firmly on the skin surface of your fistula or graph in a way that no ambient noise will come into the recording microphone, and tap “Record”, then keep it still and wait for the progress bar to end and pops up the “Normal” or “Possibly stenotic”.

Will I have to pay for a result of each Flow-EZ?

  • No, every EKG gets an automatic and instant algorithmic result from our Flow-EZ determination’s. It can give you results like Possible, Normal.
  • A subscription is not needed to take EKG readings and get your Flow-EZ analysis results.

We do offer an optional service to additionally have your EKG sent to our Clinician Review service, where you can have your EKG read by a real-life human Clinician.  Clinicians can identify many more arrhythmias than Above Care is cleared to give. (Offerings of review types vary country to country.


What is the price of this product?

  • The original price is US$1000, so it is NT$1600, but now it is half price, and only the first 100 orders can enjoy the discount.

Device Setup

What can it detect?

  • We use the flow velocity in the blood vessel to measure whether the blood vessel is narrowed.

What does it include?

  • The sensing device to detect your vessel sound, just like a stethoscope
  • The mobile App to receive the signal from the device and send to the cloud to process
  • Communication – cellphone and cloud
  • Cellphone App
  • Does it have a hardware device?

Does it have battery?

  • Yes, rechargeable one
  • How do I charge the battery?
  • Do I need to replace the battery?

What type of cell phones does it support?

  • iPhone
  • Android phones

What is the price?

  • Subscription (refurbished)
  • Monthly $10
  • Yearly $100
    • Purchasing (un-opened)
      • One-time fee of $200
    • Shipping & Handling fees applied for order
    • Re-stocking fees applied for return
  • How accurate is Flow-EZ?
    • It is currently 80% accuracy based on hospital’s clinical data, in other words, the data is taken from the diseased patents as well as health one.

How to order Flow-Ez

  • Please refer to Order section

Does it have RF? Eg. Bluetooth or WiFi

  • Yes

What version of Bluetooth?

  • V5

Is it backward compatible?

  • Yes, for most cellphone models

Is it FCC certified?

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