A Non-invasive, Portable, Affordable Cardiovascular “Vessel Pressure” Measuring Companion to Blood Pressure.
Innovative AI/ML Cloud-based, Patented High-Sensitivity Stenosis Monitoring Device Designed for Stroke and Dialysis.


The technology –
1. Detect stenosis from vessel flow through fluid speed characteristics
2. Device is designed for problematic signal ranges
3. Signals are analyzed to weed out noisy and weak ones for optimal features extractions
4. Develop the most efficient and accurate ML models
5. Identify the characteristics of thrombosis signals

5 Prediction short

Existing Ultrasound
1. Expensive
2. Required trained medical staff
3. By appointment

Why choose us?
1. Affordable
2. Anyone can operate
3. Can monitors everyday
4. Easy to understand stenosis level, stenosis trend (future)


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